Saturday, 25 February 2012

AusBowl Star Player 2012

I recently attended the Adelaide Dungeon Bowl Cup. This tournament is absolutely amazing. It is a Blood Bowl tournament with a few twists. The rules have been play tested by a local league called the AFOUL (and were featured in issue 1 of BL!TZ magazine), the dungeons (and the beer) are all crafted by anc001, commissioner of said league, and the opponents are top notch.

I can't say enough about the dungeons. The Grand Dungeon isn a marvel. Three square feet of multi-level, 3D, excellently painted dungeon to play across.

But the main reason for this post is that, during this tournament, I was blindsided by the local community, who caught me completely by surprise when they awarded me the AusBowl Star Player award for 2012, also called the MVP.

I just wanted to say thank you (again) for this. It really is an honour and I am just glad to help. To get an award for doing what you love is just amazing, and far beyond what I expected.

Oh, and the award itself comes in very useful too: