As well as enjoying the painting side of the hobby, and more in the spirit of the BL!TZ magazine, I love to get into a spot of design. I am really just an interested amateur in this, but I am managing to surprise myself more and more regularly.

My first serious foray into the design world was the Coach's Packs for the first AusBowl State Championship, which I have designed from top to bottom and which will be given to each coach attending the State Championship, and the first 12 coaches attnding the NSW Open on 5-6 March 2011. This is an A5, full colour, 24 page booklet with tournament information, record sheets, features on all the state representative teams competing and a few ads and other bits and pieces thrown in.
If you are after something similar please drop me a note as I did enjoy doing this and would gladly take commissions if my schedule permits. I won't organise the printing for you, and I warn you that can often not be cheap, but I can produce a PDF file for use either as an online or printed document. Price will be negotiated depending on the amount of work required.

I also dabble in designing logos for various things, mainly Blood Bowl teams of one variety or another. Let me know if you want one done.

AusBowl One and NSW Open 2011 Coach's Pack (online version)
BL!TZ Magazine issue 1

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