Sunday, 22 September 2013

Le Coq return to the pitch

Hi all

Well, I painted these guys some time ago, but I have never actually posted any team shots. I have also been using the team for the CCKUP's current Streetball league (under the name Le Petit Coq), so I thought it was as good an excuse as any to put up some decent, recent photos.


What's on the bench?
After the highs and lows of Southern Shrike Bowl, I have two main ideas in my head for the future.

The first is a chaos team. Nothing particularly special about that idea, but I have got myself the amazing 3D designed Willy Miniatures team, which is just an absolute joy to behold. I have wanted to do a Khorne styled team for ages (NOT the new Khorne daemon team, just a standard chaos team) and this is definitely the set of miniatures I want to use. I'm working on a test warrior and beast man at the moment, with more details as they are completed.

I also picked up a Greebo Nippo Gobin team some time ago that I am looking at getting painted. The test goblin is almost done, although the Oni are a bit daunting, so they might not get done first. I'm thinking a red, white and black colour scheme for these little buggers, with a washed out green skin tone. I want to try my hand at some Japanese inspired material designs, will keep you updated on how they go...

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Starting again...

Ahem, is this thing on?

So, it's been a while. As it turns out being a teacher, raising a young son, running a quarterly Blood Bowl magazine and so on is just too much for one person to do. So, BL!TZ Magazine is no more and I might be able to add some more posts to this blog every now and again... hopefully.

The big recent news is that I won Best Painted at Southern Shrike Bowl again... and, considering that my last post was me starting the Rift Valley Lions, I should probably note that I won last year as well.

The Lions turned out really well, although they have now seen a great deal of action and are somewhat chipped and scratched. I'll try to get some pics up at some point, but they managed to win my first foray into the City of Churches Kings United Prize (CCKUP) league, weathering a very bashy field and carving through four finals games before taking the trophy against a nasty Chaos team. They also won the Adelaide Dungeon Bowl Cup (ADBC) this year, although this one was a little bit lucky.

Since then, however, I have turned my attention to one of my old favourites, the halflings. The old White Acre Weed Pullers were getting a bit ratty and, considering the MVP from last year was a minotaur, I decided I would try for a bashy halfling team at SSB2013. Now, under SSB rules only stunty teams can take 2 star players. So I went with the two halfling tree men allowed, Deeproot AND Vladimir, the MVP minotaur. This left just enough cash for 7 halflings, giving me a team of only 11. Yes, that's right, a halfling team without a bench!

Needless to say the team build was rubbish and I finished 30th of 32 coaches, but the new and improved Weedies took Le Coq Fancier's Trophy (best painted) for the fifth time in six years. My Vlad also took out "Best in Show".

I should note as well that this year's painting field was incredibly well contested. Daniel Wallace's lizardmen team, the Teepok Titans, were amazing and came very close to tipping me off my perch. There were also a number of others who had done a great job and who deserve to be proud of their efforts. I love seeing the range of well-painted teams that inhabit SSB each year, and I hope this builds again in 2014.

Anyway, here's a few pics of the Weedies for you. I hope you enjoy.

I'd love to hear what you think of them.