Sunday, 22 September 2013

Le Coq return to the pitch

Hi all

Well, I painted these guys some time ago, but I have never actually posted any team shots. I have also been using the team for the CCKUP's current Streetball league (under the name Le Petit Coq), so I thought it was as good an excuse as any to put up some decent, recent photos.


What's on the bench?
After the highs and lows of Southern Shrike Bowl, I have two main ideas in my head for the future.

The first is a chaos team. Nothing particularly special about that idea, but I have got myself the amazing 3D designed Willy Miniatures team, which is just an absolute joy to behold. I have wanted to do a Khorne styled team for ages (NOT the new Khorne daemon team, just a standard chaos team) and this is definitely the set of miniatures I want to use. I'm working on a test warrior and beast man at the moment, with more details as they are completed.

I also picked up a Greebo Nippo Gobin team some time ago that I am looking at getting painted. The test goblin is almost done, although the Oni are a bit daunting, so they might not get done first. I'm thinking a red, white and black colour scheme for these little buggers, with a washed out green skin tone. I want to try my hand at some Japanese inspired material designs, will keep you updated on how they go...

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