Thursday, 27 January 2011

Duskrunners #3 - next batch, coach and rerolls

Phew, so I had a week off and managed to tear through more of these guys. I now have twelve models plus a coach and four re-rolls, meaning I have a full team for AusBowl! Yay me!

Since I've come this far I feigure I will finish off the team completely, meaning a "treeman", an apothecary, one more line-elf and some star players are on the design board. I want an earth or stone elemental for the "treeman", which is the main missing piece here... the search continues for that one. But the line-elf and apothecary are converted and ready.

The star players are another issue entirely, but they are for slightly later.

But here is the current round of new players:

Catcher Two:

Catcher Five:

Cent-elf Fourteen (I'm not 100% happy with her hair, but it was the best I could do so I'm stuck with it):

Line-elf Nine:

The Coach:

And, the reroll counters:

I'm fairly happy with the team all up. My comments from right at the beginning stand re the miniatures, although there are some absolute beauties amongst them (including the figures for line-elf nine, catcher five, catcher four and catcher three).

The rerolls were difficult to source, but I eventually found a cake decorating wholesaler nearby that sold the miniature horseshoes that I wanted. My turn counter will be a miniature totem pole, assuming it arrives from the US in time!

Once I have the last line-elf and the apothecary done I will post some pics of the whole team on their display stand.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Dwarf Team - commission #1, SA State Team fundraiser

I've been slowly (no, really slowly) putting together a dwarf team with the intention of selling as a fundraiser for the South Australian Blood Bowl State Team - the Steelballs. They are finally finished and up for sale.

The team has now sold (for AU$275).
The team includes:
  • 2 blitzers
  • 2 trollslayers
  • 2 runners
  • 1 deathroller
  • 8 blockers / longbeards
  • Grim Ironjaw (star player)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Duskrunners #2 - three more

And, finally for today, I give you the fruits of my labours over the past week - three more Duskrunner models. I now have the entire team plus a coach assembled, converted and undercoated ready to go. I am currently searching around for some miniature horseshoes and a miniature totem pole to use as reroll counters and a score/turn counter respectively (the coach will be the other turn/score counter).

Without too much further ado, here are the next three:

Thrower One:

I'm absolutely chuffed with this model. There's a fair bit of sculpting here. The right hand and ball are all sculpted, as are both the feathers and some of the hair. I think she is hot, hot, hot!

Catcher Four:

One of the more provocative poses in the team, this model was a musician before I took away her panpipes.

Line-elf Eight:

As you can probably tell I have been trying to get a lot of detail into the faces, and I think they are really shining. Five more players to go, hopefully in another week or so I can present the whole team.

Drop Bears #1 - fire in the hole!!

I thought I'd share some older figures as well today. These are limited edition figures that were created for Eucalyptus Bowl. They are full of character, and I have several more of them, which I hope to use as the basis of a goblin team. In addition to these two is one with a whipper snipper (chainsaw) and one with a bowie knife.

But here is what I have painted so far of the Drop Bears:

Koala Ten (standard "goblin"):

Tinny Bomber Seven (goblin bomba):

Unfortunately you can no longer get these figures, and Tom from Impact! recently noted that we're extremely unlikely to ever see a re-cast, so I'm very lucky to have these. I absolutely love them and can't wait to see my full team done.

Ice Vixens #1 - sculpting and prototype

Hi again

I thought I'd put in a quick update on my other sculpting project. It has stalled a little bit because of the need to get the Duskrunners up and ready for AusBowl, but any leftover putty has been slowly making its way on to the were-fox.

Here is the most up to date pic of the sculpt. There is also a tail that is half finished to be added to the back.

I'm really happy with the feet and lower legs. One thigh ended up significantly longer than the other. At this stage I can't really go back and change this, so I'm going to wear it as a beginner's fault. I'm also not entirely happy with the fur on the thighs. The torso is still half-formed and will have a t-shirt over the top. Head and arms, obviously, still to come along with the dreaded head and hands duo of death!!! We'll see how that goes, might be disheartening.

In the meantime, this is the prototype paint job for the team as a whole: the Ice Vixens.

And their logo:

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Duskrunners #1 - first four

Hi everyone, and welcome to 2011! I trust your festive season was awesome and hope this year is just as good.

Well, as it turns out, I'm probably not going to be able to take Le Coq to AusBowl. Basically there are two in the team who play humans as a fave team and, well, he is only proficient with humans whereas I have a little bit of experience with others.

As it is a competitive tourney, with others relying on me, I figured I should take something competetive (ie - my halflings just aren't an option!), so I'm putting the pedal down and trying to get my wood elves finished. This will be no mean feat as, preior to starting them again, only two were completed. A few days later though and four now stare back at me on the shelf, so we'll see how I go.

I thought I'd give you a peek too. They are based off the Maidenhead Miniatures feral elf range, which are an interesting concept - semi (in some cases fully) naked female elves with hooves and horns. I like the minis and I ordered a whole team worth some time back, although having started painting there are some issues with the culpts that make things difficult. The hair, in particular, is not brilliant and is undefined and a bit "messy". In addition, some of the body areas can be a little bit rough.

Having said that, they're not terrible and I'm going to persevere with them.

Here is the start of the Duskrunners:

Cent-elf (wardancer) 15:

Line-elf 7:

Line-elf 6:

And catcher 3:

Obviously I've censored these photos. I don't necessarily mind the nudity, but my host isn't thrilled about it. Even so, it is possible some of these links might break, so I apologise in advance if this happens.

A quick note on this, as some people have strong views regarding female nudity in miniatures. Yes, I acknowledge the potential hazards with regard to female exploitation and feminist goals (which I fully support). But... it's a 25mm miniature!!! :)