Sunday, 9 January 2011

Duskrunners #1 - first four

Hi everyone, and welcome to 2011! I trust your festive season was awesome and hope this year is just as good.

Well, as it turns out, I'm probably not going to be able to take Le Coq to AusBowl. Basically there are two in the team who play humans as a fave team and, well, he is only proficient with humans whereas I have a little bit of experience with others.

As it is a competitive tourney, with others relying on me, I figured I should take something competetive (ie - my halflings just aren't an option!), so I'm putting the pedal down and trying to get my wood elves finished. This will be no mean feat as, preior to starting them again, only two were completed. A few days later though and four now stare back at me on the shelf, so we'll see how I go.

I thought I'd give you a peek too. They are based off the Maidenhead Miniatures feral elf range, which are an interesting concept - semi (in some cases fully) naked female elves with hooves and horns. I like the minis and I ordered a whole team worth some time back, although having started painting there are some issues with the culpts that make things difficult. The hair, in particular, is not brilliant and is undefined and a bit "messy". In addition, some of the body areas can be a little bit rough.

Having said that, they're not terrible and I'm going to persevere with them.

Here is the start of the Duskrunners:

Cent-elf (wardancer) 15:

Line-elf 7:

Line-elf 6:

And catcher 3:

Obviously I've censored these photos. I don't necessarily mind the nudity, but my host isn't thrilled about it. Even so, it is possible some of these links might break, so I apologise in advance if this happens.

A quick note on this, as some people have strong views regarding female nudity in miniatures. Yes, I acknowledge the potential hazards with regard to female exploitation and feminist goals (which I fully support). But... it's a 25mm miniature!!! :)


  1. Nice painting, I like the blending in the horses legs and hooves. Good colour transition. Skin tones are looking good too. I need to practice on mine in time to purchase the Hassle Free football ladies for an amazon team.

  2. Many thanks Triple Skull, I appreciate the feedback. The Hasslefree minis are beautiful! I considered using them as a basis for a team but there just aren't enough of them (yet? - hope, hope). I do have an Impact! valkyrie team that I am working on as well though.