Thursday, 27 January 2011

Duskrunners #3 - next batch, coach and rerolls

Phew, so I had a week off and managed to tear through more of these guys. I now have twelve models plus a coach and four re-rolls, meaning I have a full team for AusBowl! Yay me!

Since I've come this far I feigure I will finish off the team completely, meaning a "treeman", an apothecary, one more line-elf and some star players are on the design board. I want an earth or stone elemental for the "treeman", which is the main missing piece here... the search continues for that one. But the line-elf and apothecary are converted and ready.

The star players are another issue entirely, but they are for slightly later.

But here is the current round of new players:

Catcher Two:

Catcher Five:

Cent-elf Fourteen (I'm not 100% happy with her hair, but it was the best I could do so I'm stuck with it):

Line-elf Nine:

The Coach:

And, the reroll counters:

I'm fairly happy with the team all up. My comments from right at the beginning stand re the miniatures, although there are some absolute beauties amongst them (including the figures for line-elf nine, catcher five, catcher four and catcher three).

The rerolls were difficult to source, but I eventually found a cake decorating wholesaler nearby that sold the miniature horseshoes that I wanted. My turn counter will be a miniature totem pole, assuming it arrives from the US in time!

Once I have the last line-elf and the apothecary done I will post some pics of the whole team on their display stand.

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