Thursday, 20 January 2011

Dwarf Team - commission #1, SA State Team fundraiser

I've been slowly (no, really slowly) putting together a dwarf team with the intention of selling as a fundraiser for the South Australian Blood Bowl State Team - the Steelballs. They are finally finished and up for sale.

The team has now sold (for AU$275).
The team includes:
  • 2 blitzers
  • 2 trollslayers
  • 2 runners
  • 1 deathroller
  • 8 blockers / longbeards
  • Grim Ironjaw (star player)


  1. lovely team - I especially like the blitzers... Their masks and shoulderpads look great :) Good job!

  2. Thanks nyboe, I love your work so it's great to hear from you. I really wanted to give them a strong but simple colour scheme. With all the detail on these figures they can get a bit lost with too many colours so I intentionally limited the palette and went for a bold, in-your-face design. I think they came up quite well so I hope whoever gets them enjoys them.