Sunday, 31 July 2011

EucBowl Monster Dice #4

Well, I woke up to myself with a start the other day when I realised that Eucalyptus Bowl was two weekends earlier than I had thought! Not to worry though, I have been getting close to finishing these guys and the fourth Monster Dice has been completed.

This one is named "Tentacles", obviously as an homage to the skill of the same name. It has a little bit of a different palette to the others, I was aiming for a more pustulent and slimey feel.

Anyway, I hope you like it and, like always, please come along to EucBowl (6-7 August at Burwood RSL in Burwood, NSW) to check out the action.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

AusBowl Legacy Team Snow Troll (Yhetee)

Each year the AusBowl community gets together and creates a "legacy team", with painted miniatures donated by individual coaches from around Australia and raffled off at the CanCon "Nationals".

This year Qman actually donated a mini to me to paint - the Yhetee. This is actually the best Yhetee/Snow Troll miniature I've ever seen and it was actually really nice to paint. I've gone to town as much as I can on the skin colours, using a mauve colour that is a blend between Crimson Gore and Ice Blue to add a rosy shadow. I also worked hard to produce a chipped feel to the armour plates, which is not an effect I've had much experience doing.

My favourite bit is the "orcidas" band though.  :)

EucBowl Monster Dice #3

OK, so my brushes have been running a little bit hotter than usual. Being sick and off work means there is little time (or inclination) for much else!

Number three of the EucBowl Monster Dice I have dubbed "Always Hungry", for reasons that should be obvious. With this one I tried to get as smooth a blend as I could from the white of the dice itself to the fierce red of the monster.

Just the one pic of this one (and it is my "promotional" pic too), but I hope you like how these are progressing...

Sunday, 10 July 2011

EucBowl Monster Dice #2

It seems like forever since I updated this plog. You know the story, real life gets in the way. But I recently finished the big BB project I've been working on (BL!TZ magazine issue 1) and am in-between pracs for my study, so I finally managed to get some desk time with my paints.

Of course, first on my list of stuff to get done is the EucBowl monster dice commission, so here I bring you number two: "Red Card".

This one is little bit subtle in the shades around the face, with a much more human skintone than the previous one. Obviously the stripes are supposed to represent a Blood Bowl referee.