Thursday, 21 July 2011

AusBowl Legacy Team Snow Troll (Yhetee)

Each year the AusBowl community gets together and creates a "legacy team", with painted miniatures donated by individual coaches from around Australia and raffled off at the CanCon "Nationals".

This year Qman actually donated a mini to me to paint - the Yhetee. This is actually the best Yhetee/Snow Troll miniature I've ever seen and it was actually really nice to paint. I've gone to town as much as I can on the skin colours, using a mauve colour that is a blend between Crimson Gore and Ice Blue to add a rosy shadow. I also worked hard to produce a chipped feel to the armour plates, which is not an effect I've had much experience doing.

My favourite bit is the "orcidas" band though.  :)

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