Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Ice Vixens #1 - sculpting and prototype

Hi again

I thought I'd put in a quick update on my other sculpting project. It has stalled a little bit because of the need to get the Duskrunners up and ready for AusBowl, but any leftover putty has been slowly making its way on to the were-fox.

Here is the most up to date pic of the sculpt. There is also a tail that is half finished to be added to the back.

I'm really happy with the feet and lower legs. One thigh ended up significantly longer than the other. At this stage I can't really go back and change this, so I'm going to wear it as a beginner's fault. I'm also not entirely happy with the fur on the thighs. The torso is still half-formed and will have a t-shirt over the top. Head and arms, obviously, still to come along with the dreaded head and hands duo of death!!! We'll see how that goes, might be disheartening.

In the meantime, this is the prototype paint job for the team as a whole: the Ice Vixens.

And their logo:

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