Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Duskrunners #2 - three more

And, finally for today, I give you the fruits of my labours over the past week - three more Duskrunner models. I now have the entire team plus a coach assembled, converted and undercoated ready to go. I am currently searching around for some miniature horseshoes and a miniature totem pole to use as reroll counters and a score/turn counter respectively (the coach will be the other turn/score counter).

Without too much further ado, here are the next three:

Thrower One:

I'm absolutely chuffed with this model. There's a fair bit of sculpting here. The right hand and ball are all sculpted, as are both the feathers and some of the hair. I think she is hot, hot, hot!

Catcher Four:

One of the more provocative poses in the team, this model was a musician before I took away her panpipes.

Line-elf Eight:

As you can probably tell I have been trying to get a lot of detail into the faces, and I think they are really shining. Five more players to go, hopefully in another week or so I can present the whole team.

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