Saturday, 19 March 2011


Hi all

Just a quick message to explain the long gap between posts. It has been an incredibly busy month, with lots happening on different fronts. The AusBowl tournament turned out to be a huge success and I am one of a few guys who will make up the organising committee for the next one in 2013. So I have been trying to organise a small committee for this. I have also been putting together a survey of the Blood Bowl community in Australia to assist with long-term planning by TOs and others and get a bit of an idea of what our community looks like. I'm also helping to do some design work for the Southern Sgrike Bowl later in the year, as well as liaising with another group of people about expanding the Southern Strike idea into a national magazine! As if that wasn't enough, I have a couple of small commissions to paint, my RL study has started again in earnest and my work has gone bananas (we had a technical integration of two organisations that didn't go as smoothly as was hoped).

So I am working on some things, particularly a commission for some of the CMON monster dice, a treeman for my 'flings, more Ice Vixens, my air spirit for the Duskrunners and a few other miscellaneous things.

Stay tuned, more soon...

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