Monday, 19 September 2011

Elven Referee

In between my other projects, I've been painting up this figure and setting her in a small and simple vignette. I think I got this figure at SSB last year. Generally I haven't been a fan of the Shadowforge figures (that this is), but I've been doing a commission evil elf team and, while I still think the proportions are a bit out (short legs for the torsos), the miniatures have very clean lines and interesting poses, as well as being well themed. This one was actually really nice to paint, and ended up being a bit of a study in some new flesh tones for me. I hope you like it:


  1. That looks absolutely brilliant!
    What are the basic colors you are using to achieve those flesh tones?

  2. Thanks Grinsmasha. The flesh is the GW foundation flesh colour, Tallarn Flesh. I have shaded it with a subtle mix of Tallarn and Dark Flesh, followed by successive glazed highlights of Tallarn mixed with Elf Flesh. To finish, I have also done a couple of highlights of Elf Flesh mixed with Skull White.

    When I say I am doing glazed highlights, I mean I am using very watered down coats, not to mention using a great deal of saliva, to direct the pigment of the paint where I want it.

    Glad you liked it though, I hope this helps.

  3. Yes, absolutely. I saw your team at Southern Shrike bowl on the weekend and they look brilliant!

  4. Wow! Thats fantastic! Beautiflly painted fig and wonderful terrain. I really like the blood effects which arent too over the top, and very effective.

  5. That's what you can call a touchdown! Great painted figure on a "very nice" base :-D

    Nice blog!


  6. Many thanks all for the kind comments. I really enjoyed painting this figure so I'm glad you liked it.