Friday, 17 December 2010

Da Fetcha - limited ed SSB mini

The Southern Shrike Bowl is a Blood Bowl tournament held every year in the north east of suburban Adelaide, South Australia. It has run three years now and I have attended all three, winning best painted team in '08 and '09 (I missed out by one vote last time).

It is an excellent and enjoyable tournament that has amazing prize support and some novel little prizes that make it really special. An example is the MVP.

Each year coaches vote after each game for the opposing Most Valuable Player (MVP) in a 3, 2, 1 style ranking based on which players played the best during the game. Olaf the Stout, our incredible League Commissioner, then tallies these votes and announces the MVP player. This player is then actually sculpted and cast as a limited edition figure for the next year's event!!!

Last year an orc blitzer (I think) won the title, while the year before it was a human blitzer named Seamus "Hellspawn" O'Reilly from a team called the Grey Mountain Manticores coached by BenSquig. But in the first year the MVP was a player called Da Fetcha from Olaf's own team (he wasn't the Commish at that point and was the first SSB Champion), Da Vermin Hunterz.

Because I loved the idea so much I decided to paint my Fetcha up as a special display piece, and here he is:

I apologise that the pics aren't of amazing quality, and he is looking a touch dusty at the moment, but I think you'll get the idea. I hope to do up my Hellspawn in the same way at some point during the year and, likewise, each MVP thereafter.

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