Monday, 6 December 2010

The Razorbakz #1

As previously stated, my big passion, especially at the moment, is Blood Bowl. I have several teams on the go at the moment but, surprisingly, one has really taken my fancy. This is the Neomics orc team, which I won from Southern Shrike Bowl 09 (where I won best painted team).

I already have a fully painted orc team, and I need to get a human and wood elf team finished for next March, but despite myself these Neomics figures have me continually coming back to them.

So I succumbed and undercoacted a couple, then one day just decided the paint one. This is the result:

CMON link:

I'm really proud of this guy. I wanted to achieve two specific things above all else and both, I think, came out.

The first was a really bright yellow with some decent shading. The picture actually mutes it a little, but you can still see it.

The other was some nuance and character in the orc skin tones. I've used elf flesh as the main highlight (over the ubiquitous goblin green) with a darker Formula P3 green (Gnarls?) as the main shade, but I've also added some blue (particularly under and around the eyes).

To make the ensemble I think the white and black have worked really well. White is no big deal but black, for some strange reason, is the one colour that I have so much trouble painting well (anyone have any tips?)!

So he is number one (well, OK, number 9, but you get the picture) of, I hope, a whole team to this standard. Already on my painting desk is another, beefier, orc model who is daring me to paint him. I'd like to try and get some armour plates of a chequered white/black pattern into some of the team (the above model didn't have enough armour plates to do this). We'll see though, I might just like the yellow too much!

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