Monday, 6 December 2010

Project Wallace

OK, so I've been at this guy for a while, but it is a big job. Project Wallace is a Hordes (Privateer Press) Dire Troll Mauler. Here he is as he currently looks:

So, as you can see, I've finished most of the underside (except for his legs and left palm), his right shoulder, face and three spines.

The conversion is fairly extensive. The normal sculpt has the model's hands to either side, palm facing the enemy, as if he's bellowing (Hulk-style) at the enemy. I have repositioned the arms so that he looks as if he is moving forward in a gorilla-like knuckle-walk and about to take a chunk out of something with his other hand. I have also re-sculpted all of his spines.

The paint job so far, however, has been complicated. I am really very happy with what I have done, which is basically the face:

...and the right hand:

Most of this has been done using various shades of GW's Dark Flesh, which is a really nice rich colour to use.

I have only really started his back and am trying to get a very smoothly blended grey colour (my Trollkin are grey rather than the canon blue) and I think I've succeeded here, but it has taken a while:

So, as you can see, a long way to go, but hopefully this will inspire me to continue working on him. The rocky protuberances on his back will be the same colour as those on his chin, tying the two sides (underside and back) together, while his spines will probably be the blue you can see on the few that are painted (although this might change).

I hope you enjoy and I hope to post mose pics as Wallace develops.

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